Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Some of the best stories yet from Pravda, the thinking person's news source.

Lenin's Kinky Explosion
After this morning's typically hackneyed April Fool's Day stories in the UK press, this unbelievable story of Lenin's arse being blown out of his St. Petersburg statue late last night trumps the lot - fantastic pics, and what can we make of the bizarre detail of the knife placed in the great man's outstretched hand?

Boy, 7, Dies Playing Serial Killer
The detail is quite scant in this story, and I don't know what to make of it (is there an implication that it wasn't an accident?) - as in so many of these Russian cases, it's a fleeting look behind a mysterious curtain of which we have precious little real understanding.

Egyptian Text Message Deaths
If this was any other country, it would be laughable - the fact that it's Egypt means that it must be a curse, and therefore must be true; cue cheesy new Japanese horror film.


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Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

The Egyptian "text message death" phenomenon I think also extends to Nigeria, unfortunately, where it comes in the form of a 'death call' rather than an SMS. I've read at least a couple of reports on it in the past few years.

Some of the otherwise bright university kids I met in Osaka also had serious fears along these lines: answering certain anonymous calls would cause some yakuza boss on the other end to get enraged (why, I don't know) and dispatch some goons to promptly kill them. Which I guess isn't as bad as the *instantaneous* death granted you by the Nigerian 'death call' variant.