Saturday, March 28, 2009


A couple of forgettable Hollywood movies, the usual UK-produced rubbish, and some bloodsoaked French horror, the latter of which is unmissable.

Yes Man (**)

Carrey moves back into more familiar
Liar Liar territory with a comedy that certainly has sporadically good moments; however, the initially interesting premise is undermined by its relentless path towards formulaic romcom mediocrity

Killshot (*)
ugly charmless trash about stupid macho guys with big guns - Rourke, laughably here playing a Native American Indian, needs to quit now while he's still marginally ahead

Easy Virtue (*)
not a single member of this cast has any sense of timing or delivery of what is already a spectacularly unfunny script for this poorly directed BBC production based on Noel Coward's comedy of manners

Frontière(s) (*)
weakly scripted, badly acted rubbish: in particular, the annoying super-fast edits are so noobishly straight-out-of-film-school, as are its naive attempts at social commentary amidst the gory horror - best to stick to the films it tries to borrow from

À l'intérieur (****)
the construct of nightmares: absurd, bloody, implausible, surreal - that it works is entirely thanks to the incomparably haunting presence of the magnificent Béatrice Dalle, whose visage synthesises beauty and horror as one


sm88 said...

I initially picked up À l'intérieur on DVD when it came out stateside because I'd heard it was nauseatingly gory. It was, but it was also one of the most terrifying films of the past few years in my opinion. Glad to see it mentioned here.

mcarpio said...

hey william, really moved to tell you about this flick i got from my local pub. library here in brklyn, Alpha Dog, maybe you've seen it already? i've certainly seen the box all this time in different stores and whatnot, but it's much better than one would expect. it concerns whacked-out, "hip-hop" damaged youth/dumb-bells in outer LA area, dir. by john cassavetes son, nick...but it's the character of Marzursky, the jew turned nazi, that stole the show, this guy deserves his own action-figure, and i have no patience for garbage action/martial arts genre, he's just one hilarious hot-head character. worth checking out.
best, michael