Monday, March 23, 2009


New publications of interest:

Micro Bionic by Thomas Bey William Bailey
includes a chapter on Whitehouse with an exclusive interview that I did for the project

Industrial Musics by Eric Duboys
big new book in French includes a 110pp chapter on Whitehouse

Collapse by various contributors, edited by Robin Mackay
this philosophical research journal (in paperback book format of ever increasing thickness), of which the new 5th themed volume is just published, is always packed tight with some of the most aggressively challenging written contributions you'll find anywhere (Volume IV concerning the notion of 'horror' is specially recommended)


Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

All of the 'Collapse' volumes look promising, too bad I can't find any through my usual book ordering channels :(

Have you read the 'Deleuze' volume (with the Haswell / Hecker inclusion?) Some reviews on it say this is one of the best and most varied post-mortem examinations of that particular subject, and I'm starting to regain some serious interest in the man's works via reading interpretations by Peter Sloterdijk and Slavoj Zizek (arch-enemies if ever there were any)...

sm88 said...

I think I'll order Collapse IV.

William Bennett said...

happily, I have all 5 volumes of Collapse and, if you're ready to be put through your paces, mentally speaking, can heartily recommend each and every one

Richard Molyneux said...

Thank you, I had never heard of 'Collapse' until your posting.
Apart from 'The Last Messiah'(available online) are you aware of any English translations of Peter Wessel Zapffe's work?.

I wonder if 'Collapse' have anything planned on Simone Weil?.

I am pretty darn excited. Vol 1-5 about to be ordered.

Anonymous said...

Micro Bionic looks awesome.

I own Collapse Volume IV.

Do you know about Graham Harman's blog? It's very much worth following.

Richard Molyneux,

There are some translations of Peter Wessel Zapffe's writings at Sirocco Philosophy. There is also a summary of Zapffe's 'On the Tragic' here.