Monday, November 26, 2007


Continuing the love affair with Pravda.

USA Officially Becomes Police State
Melodramatic headline it undeniably is, the truth is that the US does now seem to model itself on a South American fascist state like, say, Peronist Argentina, and we turn to Russia to learn about it.

Anorexic And Hairy Prostitutes
Great story - you've got to love its complete lack of prurience, there's even a cheery upbeat feelgood tone; contrast this to how western media would report related subject matter. Also, note the juxtaposition of the girl in the 'sea turtle' picture below it.

North Korea Resumes Public Executions

When did they in fact stop? As the UK kleptocracy blunders onwards down the path towards the North Korean model, surely it won't be long before public hangings will be introduced in the Queen's Speech.



gary said...

The picture that accompanies the hairy hooker article is no hooker. She's a French posterchild for an anti-anorexia campaign. Come to think of it, maybe I read about that here!

Jeff said...

The english Pravda has a lively forum as well.

Another good source for russian news but more overtly opinionated:

Miss Kerry said...

If some men didn't desire excessively thin women, for a good deal of my 20s I would have been a object of revulsion.:D