Monday, November 12, 2007


#11: experience

Of course, reminding me of this word was our recent vinyl reissue of Birthdeath Experience. It's particularly useful for unconscious communication for, just by saying the word, a listener will begin to do the mental process suggested because of the inherent nature of discourse being filtered referentially through first person.

I'll never forget the experience of eating that red hot spicy Mexican food.

Make up your own examples. It's just like the following pseudo-question language pattern used experientially, 'have you ever seen a pig flying across a blue sky?'. I say pseudo-question because, rather than requesting a genuine answer, it forces the experience in question; you cannot avoid imagining that flying porker. It's an example of one of the loopholes in the way that language works that's commonly exploited.

There are many members of this particular magical lexical family including wonder, feel, conceive, consider, realise and others, yet experience is the best. It's such a far-reaching word that manages to refer not only to how you're directly affected by something but to all the peripheral and associated aspects too.

Birthdeath Feeling just wouldn't have resonated so well.


David Cotner said...

But that was such a fetching photograph of Jordi Valls, who shall in the movie version of the Whitehouse story be skillfully portrayed by actor Charles Grodin!

David Cotner said...

Yes, but with "Birthdeath Feeling," all the fans of the rock band Boston would have bought it in droves.

By the way, Nigel Ayers is still harping on Newcastle 1983. It's his MySpace bulletin today. I didn't know you were a Nazi! Golly.

William Bennett said...

I'm not, as of course you already know.

Richard, I mean Nigel, Ayers might wish to look into a mirror and question some of his own 'interests' and tactics before he starts lashing out with rehashed urban myths designed to make himself look more respectable.

the mullah said...

Nigel was in the audience at the first Whitehouse Live Action, clutching a copy of his first LP to give as a present to William. FWIW.

William Bennett said...

Nigel and the other Nocturnal Emissions were a great band whom I used to have a lot of time for.

the mullah said...

indeed, this may be so. but obviously "revisionism" is not confined to the "6 million lies" brigade. and this can be seen as "bothersome".

William Bennett said...

You're absolutely right, and Nigel Ayers is certainly guilty of that.