Thursday, November 08, 2007


Got caught up delving around the detailed demographic stats at imdb regarding Saw IV.

Although the movie's weighted average score is just 6.5, owing to an exaggeratedly high percentage of 10/10s, the median is as much as 8. Furthermore, and even more pointedly, whereas a pretty substantial number, 26%, of males give it 10, it's an extraordinary 31.4% of all females to max it and a phenomenal 46.4% aged below 18!

It's clear that males have more of a problem with it than females as in addition to that, at the low end of the spectrum at 1/10, where there is also unusual proliferation, it's a higher male ratio.

Of course I couldn't resist looking in the 45+ age group, and what you notice there is an exceptional polarisation of the votes, 1s and 10s in equally large measure, and more or less the same regardless of gender.

Who could have imagined all that about the market leader of so-called 'torture porn'?


Walter Peck said...

This is one of the things which surprised me on Sunday night when I went to see the film, not only where there a lot of women in the audience, but there were a lot of groups of women who had decided to come and see it. It's not normally the kind of thing I would notice, but for a film as intentionally gruesome as Saw IV, I didn't expect lots of women to be interested in it. So much for stereotypes :)

On the subject of the actual film, I would say it was better then Saw II but not as enjoyable as III. And oddly enough, the only scene in the film that caused me to instinctively look away from the screen was when Jigsaw's wife was injured outside of the clinic. That one scene, for me at least, was perhaps a bit too real.

It took me days to shake the image from my mind.

Luke McElroy said...

A 23 year old female friend who normally comes across as a gentle and mild individual is the biggest Saw fan I know. I don't know if there's something about the Saw movies that makes them particularly appealing (she told me she enjoys movies that make her cringe)