Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Stuff like this happens and these muppets want to inflict ID cards on us, not mentioning the 53 pieces of information before you undertake any overseas travel. What's funny is the sheer incompetence of repression. While making momentously short-sighted and self-serving decisions that involve staggering amounts of public money, these cheap suited n00bs with their fourth rate law degrees wouldn't truthfully know how to plug a fucking USB mouse in the right way.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes the wonderous efficiency of the regime of Clunking Fist Brown strikes again. All this from a government which has the arrogance to prattle on about "human rights" in Myanmar, whilst trying to shoehorn legislation that would control its subjects in a way that General Ne Win could only dream of.

flora_mundi said...

all the monitoring and paranoia in the world can't keep simple human stupidity down.

reminds me of a case in canada a few years back when an agent from CSIS (our "equivalent" to MI6 or the CIA) had a briefcase full of sensitive documents stolen from her car. a briefcase she had left on the front seat, in plain view. of the car she forgot to lock.

charlie m. said...

Notice his flashy suit as well, maybe a warning sign.