Thursday, November 15, 2007


Who needs boring western media? You find some of the best stories at Pravda these days - just go and check this one out about some alien-looking creatures recently discovered and photographed. It might not now be what it once was, yet - since the fall of the USSR - Pravda was taken over by its erstwhile journalists and after much confrontation and drama with the authorities they now look after this online version. It's stylistically quite tabloid and yet there's still a really unusual, slightly edgy perspective on world affairs in its reporting that makes for a really nice change.

Some other recent stories I enjoyed there:

Top Russian Super-rich It-girls
Check out Kira, the fifteen year old fashion designer bankrolled by daddy to the tune of $100m.

Foolish British Spies
You don't get headlines like that in The Daily Telegraph...

Treated Like Garbage
... nor that on Fox News.


LJP said...

That creature looked like something from the movie Alien.

David Cotner said...

There use to be that old Soviet saying, "Pravda is to Izvestia what izvestia is to Pravda." Meaning there's no truth in News, and there's no news in Truth.

Miss Kerry said...

Best headline ever , in Aussie paper here ( the CAPITOL's paper, at that!)

Prime Minister's reply to war death " SHIT HAPPENS."

Nowhere but Oz. 'You wouldn't read about it.!'