Sunday, December 09, 2007


Another day, another Pravda fix.

Bad Girls Go To Egypt
I'd known plenty of stuff about where the men go, what's news to me is contained in a throwaway line about women going to Egypt for 'violent and non-committal love affairs'.

Hollywood Not Nice With The Make-up Off
Call me totally fucking superficial but several of these pictures are a stark reminder of how much I now realise I need a woman's glamour touches; the transformative magic is simply essential.

The Forum
Quite simply the liveliest, most opinionated, most addictive forum on the internet.



flora_mundi said...

funny, i was just thinking that i needed to plan a vacation...

Miss Kerry said...

someone once said, when women reach a certain age, a little makeup is a consideration to others.
Not there yet, but makeup is a great booster of ego on days you feel absolutely crap.
I wore none for almost all my life ( too tired to care ) and allergies have taken most use away, but the next best thing to a little makeup is a man without his glasses.