Saturday, December 08, 2007


Many of you will be rightly suspicious that this is just another transparent attempt to use the plural form of the word automaton again. So here is a nice gallery of antique automata - the more anthropomorphous ones are both fascinating and creepy in equal measure, somewhat like a ventriloquist's dummy.


Jeff said...

In a somewhat related sense, I found the tale of this archaic kumquat rotation optimizer utterly captivating.

Ea-M. said...

Tamagotchi gone over the top. The is so cute it's scary. I think i want one.

Jim Hollands said...

you may want to pay a visit to Michael Start and his family if you're wandering down this route, he is a lovely chap, I curated a couple of things with him at the Horse Hospital

William Bennett said...

don't those mournful cries just break your heart?
thanks for great link, looks amazing, must visit them