Monday, December 24, 2007


The Flock is the new flashily edited (too flashily) English language film by Chinese director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs) - it stars Richard Gere in one of his more memorable roles (and there's a cute slutty bit part for Avril Lavigne).

I mention it because it's a thriller with a ridiculous underlying message about sex offenders - and inevitably ends up saying a lot more about the stark irreconcilable contradictions and internal conflicts that US society, as represented by its administration, has with regards to sexuality in general. All that is stirred into the mix for us with a generous dollop of wholesome paranoia and fear which pretends to add weight to what is effectively just a bit of trashy light entertainment.

The thing is, who is really getting off on this stuff? And for what purpose?


Ea-M. said...

I kinda get off on such things. Not pretending that it's very sofisticated or anything... Just because it's easy and unchallenging.

David Cotner said...

Sex offenders are cinema's villanous "evergreens": everyone can hate them regardless of creed, color or colo-rectal make-up. Oddly enough, they are one of the great equalizers.

It's a little like leftists who love to extol the virtues of their panglobal love for fellow man, woman and child. They also enjoy extending their (ironically) catholic acceptance to people who are "purple". Can you imagine if modern science could perfect a purple human being? Finally, we could all stop hating each other and focus our racial rage on the purple people!

Until the Purple People Eater arrived to divest us of our newfound focus for our hostilities. Alas! Romance is over before it begins!