Wednesday, April 15, 2009


While concealing from others much of who we are, we more often act as if there were nothing to hide, offering only a mask designed for collective standards, yet as if there were no mask. I don't care about the mask itself nor the image in the mirror, only that this is for no other reason than that you want this. Badly.


Odile Lee said...

What if...

one knew this, that masks were both for carnival and for horror.

What if...

one could see with something other-that which couldn't be hid.

to save face, to honour the mask- a skill.
without having this skill, a masquerade of hell on earth. and at best masquerade dance, sometimes.

To be unable to hide behind a mask, is seen as another mask.
In trying to take it away by force-when you have none, one can find the ones whose mask has grown into their flesh.
So far, it has become their face.

Is it still a masquerade?Or hell?

Words being just more ways to deny, that belief is words, as well.

Odile Lee said...

Here is a pale reflection-

I told V, that I understood.
Death held no fears for me now, and I knew I was truly free. By my own choice.