Wednesday, April 15, 2009


CUT HANDS : live in London, UK : 17th April
DJ BENETTI : Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, UK : 1st
CUT HANDS : live in Krakow, Poland : 5th May
WILLIAM BENNETT : talk in Krakow, Poland : 6th May
CUT HANDS : live in Wroclaw, Poland : 7th May
CUT HANDS : live in Lodz, Poland : 8th May
DJ BENETTI : tba, Krakow, Poland : 9th May
ZEITKRATZER perform WHITEHOUSE : Marseille, France : 14th May
WHITEHOUSE : live in Barreiro, Portugal : 23rd May
DJ BENETTI : Cardiff, UK : 20th June
WILLIAM BENNETT : live in Burscheid, Germany : 26th June
DJ BENETTI : tba, Germany : tba June
WILLIAM BENNETT : talk in Edinburgh, UK : tba July
WILLIAM BENNETT : lecture at FilmAkademie, Germany : tba July
CUT HANDS : live in Dusseldorf, Germany : 17th July
CUT HANDS : live in Berlin, Germany : 18th July
ZEITKRATZER perform WHITEHOUSE : Huddersfield, UK : Nov 27th


pete23 said...

around what time are you on at the old blue last? i may not be able to get out for an 8pm start:-(

William Bennett said...

I'll be on around midnight

pete23 said...

good stuff! thank you.