Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(The Sun 27/05/11)
I've been having fantastic sex with a work colleague for six months now. We can't resist one another but she's married.
I'm a guy of 25 and my lover is 34 and married. I work in a care-home and she is my supervisor. It was hard to settle in but she took me under her wing from the start and gave me the easier residents to look after, and so and I began to enjoy it.
The day-staff went out for a pizza one night and we sat together. We had a lot to drink and shared a taxi home as we live near to each other. She started to feel a bit queasy in the cab so when we got to my place, I suggested she came in to have some water and sober up, and I'd walk her home from there. We got to through the front door and she tripped up the stairs to my flat. I caught her arm and we had a fit of giggles, then she fell against me and I kissed her.
We went upstairs and I took her through to my bedroom and we had sex. She made me feel alive. She knew exactly what to do to make me feel good.
I took her home later and at work the next day, she said she'd enjoyed it so much. We've been going back to my flat for sex whenever we can. She's said she's in love with me and I know I love her. She's tried to end our relationship three times now but we can't resist each other. She told me last week that she loves her husband and again said we really have got to stop our affair, but by yesterday she was begging me back to bed. I don't know what to do.

Uncle William says:
Let me get this straight: you're having regular sessions of hot monkey sex with an attractive more experienced lover, no strings attached, and you don't know what to do. Seriously? Here we go again. How about you get down on your knees and offer some fervent gratitude toward your deity of choice.
Guys and their pathetic fidgety games of possession: clingy boyfriends getting all uptight about what girlfriends might be up to, who they're looking at, who's looking at them, what they're wearing; just as uptight fathers react to the increasingly rival male attention enjoyed by teen daughters. Ultimately, and tragically, chumps like this are far more interested in ownership than they are in sex.
Once you've got up off your knees, let go of the fucking possessiveness. She doesn't belong to you and that's a good thing. Fuck her just the way you like it, and if she likes it, she'll keep coming back for more. That's really all there is to it and you should know that's a great place to be.



Miss Kerry said...

Seriously, we are all adults.
What is so fucking wrong with actually agreeing that playing house doesn't always work like they say it should?
it's like the 60s never happened!!
I'm no big supporter of open relationships, but for gods sake lets be realistic.
these things happen, they are going to happen, they have happened and they are going to happen some more in the future.
the gods of love and war, rightly were depicted by the ancients as fearsome, and not without frivolity, for good reason.
all is fair in love and war is not a statement of intent, but of FACT.
meaning, you think you can control your mammal side, your subconscious, your in instinctual urges? and i should control mine.
good fucking luck. and monkeys could fly out of my ass.
we temper our selves as best we may, but there are perfectly good reasons why ( and why not ) other cultures came up with alternate ideas on how to live. maybe be familiar with some of them, instead of watching your fav tv show every week.

Miss Kerry said...

people seem to have a delusion about 'magical thinking.'
like it works.
some science, namely fact would be nice for a change.
otherwise we may as well go back to thinking the earth is flat and if i go and chant some strange words in a cave to a unseen deity, maybe he brings me some sex and money.
( ok, maybe that last one works sometimes, but it really depends on HOW your doing it!)