Wednesday, May 04, 2011


The dinner and party at the Postbahnhof am Gleisdreieck on Saturday night was a huge 1,000-strong invited gathering of all the featured artists and participants of the annual Gallery Weekend Berlin. It was a bit like the royal wedding but with more sartorially elegant guests, and no dodgy clergymen or war criminals present. And best of all, DJ Benetti, as the event's official DJ, got to bring his unique Italo disco and ├╝bergay hi-nrg mixage to the proceedings in what turned out to be a marathon 6-hour non-stop set accompanied by a special laser light show. Later in the evening, despite the strict security, Gilbert & George did manage to gatecrash their way in to join the fun. Much to the organisers' delight.


Danhod said...

Benetti... sounds familiar

Anonymous said...

D R O P those names, baby :)