Monday, May 16, 2011


Afro Noise I
the response has been really fantastic, thanks so much to everyone who's already pre-ordered the CD (sadly, the free art cards are now finished but, since it's been such a success, already thinking of getting some new designs in); the first shipments have already started going out this week so they should start arriving with you very soon - was also (I confess) thrilled to see that The Wire had given it such a lovely full-page review in this month's issue, written by Nina Power

Cut Hands live
there's a Cut Hands show at the Glasgow School Of Art on 3rd June - it's free entry; I'll post more details as soon as I get them

the publishers of the wonderful Collapse journal are doing a summer auction of various unmissably exciting stuff

Uncle William
afraid to say that there's no Uncle William this week; he is willing to accept sole responsibility for the inevitable disappointing dip in the number of hits taken at the blog due to his absence



auto_disappointer said...

Ooh, cd this week! Can't wait.
Cut Hands live you say? It'd be great if you could play the Supersonic festival in Birmingham in October....

Danhod said...

YES! can't wait for it :)

And i totally agree with auto-disappointer on the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, you really must come! Coil did!

Tomate DiseƱo said...

Makes me a bit ill to say, but holding out for digital download here :( Half the purchases I've made this year have never arrived and are likely in the hands of some unappreciative pinche pendejo at customs or snaffled by the cartero. The decline of the physical format is lamentable, but at least delivery's guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Just given the CD a test drive w/ a new soundcard: the sound is excellent, really excellent. First class production & mastering.

I bought this w/out knowing much about the project, (half) blind - like some of my best purchases - and couldn't be further from disappointed, a maturation and distillation at the same time.

Best of luck!

Alan.. said...

Cut Hands is a brilliant album, it sounds absolutely amazing. The content is a lot more varied than I was expecting, Impassioned in particular was a real surprise and a real treat.

Even so, these new tracks still sit quite comfortably alongside the older tracks from previous releases. Bia Mintatu still blows me away, an absolutely incredible piece of music.

Excellent stuff all round.

Grk! said...

Got mine yesterday & am already on my third play. Cheers!