Wednesday, June 01, 2011


It's been absolutely thrilling to get so much fantastic feedback for this album via personal messages and some early reviews, it really means a lot; not only that, it's been the fastest-selling record I've ever been part of, by quite a distance. Very exciting. This good will was, nevertheless, tempered by some scathing criticism from the encrusted keyboards of a couple of Finnish noisabilly scenesters. Oh well.

Likewise, there's a neighbour who, over these four years, has complained regularly and bitterly about the 'disturbing percussion sounds coming from upstairs'. Fortunately, as we have different entrances going in and out, he doesn't know who I am; I, however, do perfectly know what he looks like and let me assure you he's more than vaguely creepy-looking. What's really weird is one time he kicked up an especially huge fuss over 'those fucking voodoo drums'. I was on holiday.

Good news on the vinyl front: Afro Noise I will be split into two separate volumes, each with extra material. More details on that coming soon.

After a few days' toil, we've finally managed to finish off rendering the all-new visuals for live performances. First showing will be at around 11pm this Friday at the big show at the Glasgow School of Art; if you can, come along, you should know it'll be an amazing night.

Anyway, another limited batch of the Cut Hands art postcards for new orders has landed, the ones stocks of which so quickly ran dry. If you didn't get a brace with your order from Susan Lawly, then drop me a line and I'll ensure that particular wrong is righted.



Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic album & you deserve to feel proud.

Any chance of some you tube or soundcloud uploads so I can show it to a few peeps?

Shonx said...

I really liked the mix a while back and am looking forward to this. Any samples available for preview?

William Bennett said...

yes, working on a YouTube feature

Gavin said...

The album seems especially engaging, considering the instruments 'played themselves' while you were away...

auto_disappointer said...

Which Finnish scenesters are you referring to? And where is this criticism? I've only seen complementary reviews personally, which is as it should be. Fantastic piece of work it is.