Monday, April 18, 2011


(Daily Star Sunday, 16/4/11)
I’m only turned on by powerful men. It doesn’t matter how old, big-headed and ugly they are – if they wield authority then I’m hooked. I’m not interested in pretty boys or the geeks with “nice personalities” my friends are always trying to set me up with. I like a man with balls of steel and an utterly ruthless streak.
At the moment I’m sleeping with the head of our security division at work. He’s twice my age, overweight and vile but I just can’t resist him. No one else in our building can stand him and they call him The Rottweiler.
But I only have to catch sight of him storming down the office and I’m so turned on. We meet up for sex twice a week at a hotel in town. Our love-making is hard-core, passionate and strong. I get him to do impressions of himself shouting at my colleagues and it drives me wild. But the moment I’m alone again, I feel like trash.
My “tough guy” lovers are always married or in long-term relationships  – and they certainly aren’t interested in anything significant with me. Plus they’re not very nice men.
I’ve quickly learned you don’t get to the top of your game by being a pushover. I’ve been hurt and regularly get tossed aside by my power-crazed men once my usefulness is over. A lover at an old job once got me sacked because he was falling in love with me and didn’t need the distraction. I was quietly paid off and told not to talk about it.
Now I spend my holidays and birthdays alone as my lovers are tied up with work or family. My best friend keeps asking me why I make life so complicated for myself but I can’t help only being attracted to bastards.

Uncle William says:
Oh, give us a break, the overweight head of your 'security division' a powerful man? More total wanker than tough guy tyrant.
Despite their ostensibly being exceptionally conversant and fluent in the idiom of relationship issues, and despite conventional wisdom, women are betrayed by their cunts at least as easily as men are led by their cocks. Betrayed because the qualities that trigger to get you so helplessly wet now are those that later in that man, perversely, are going to seem so unappealing: insecurity, possessiveness, jealousy, pettiness, vanity.
While I understand that attraction is not a choice but something that happens, I'm not letting you off that easily while you're running this loneliness racket.
The problem is you. You're not very nice, are you? Even these losers you're shagging would want to stick around and spend time with you if you were likeable enough. Quit this fucking delusion, get yourself an honest personality makeover. That's when things will begin to change.



Danhod said...

Stick it to em!

Anonymous said...


flora_mundi said...

show up at his familial holiday gathering in a sheer nightie and stilettos to "give him his present" and watch how tough he is when the wife sees you.

William Bennett said...

:-) brilliant!

Miss Kerry said...

face it girlie, your a cut and dried masochist. stop with the excuses.
try getting a job in the hospitality or retail industrys. The sheer lack of manners shown to you every day, will cure you in no time.