Monday, March 05, 2012


Cosmo special.

(Cosmopolitan, 5/2011)
I'm 22 and I know this guy who hates me. He acts like he's better than me and calls me names like bitch, cow and tart, even though I've only ever had one boyfriend. What can I do to stop him? I know he doesn't fancy me as I've checked the situation out.

Uncle William says:
Grow up. Who cares whether you've had one, none, or 300 boyfriends?! Why would you give some random asshole that amount of power over how you feel about yourself?
Oh I see, because you're kind of interested in him yourself.
So what are you really afraid you might not let him stop doing?

(Cosmopolitan, 6/2011)
For once i'd like a girl to come up to me in a bar. Women say they want equality but then just sit looking pretty, waiting for us to do all the hard work. Come on, ladies, make the effort. Chase me!

Uncle William says:
Oh please. Uncle William doesn't sympathise for wimpy guys.

(Cosmopolitan, 2/2011)
My boyfriend and I are both 19. I’ve only been with him for three months but we’ve been discussing having sex. I’m pretty keen and so is he, although he does seem nervous. Should I go for it? Or is three months too short a time to tell if he’s right for me and if I can trust him?

Uncle William says:
It's far too long. You've been together for three months and you don't know if he's right or you can trust him: what exactly have you been doing all this time to call him your boyfriend?
Lose him.
Look, you're young, go have some fun, meet some guys, mess around, find out what you like. And leave that dating stuff for the someone you're already intimate with and still really like.


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Miss Kerry said...

you who wants to be chased.
once again, a total denial of nature.
let me give you a biology lesson:
there are two sexes ( we are not discussing gender bending here but heterosexuality, plain vanilla.)
in the animal world, its instinctual for the male ( mostly ) to go after females.
you may be human but you are also part of mammilia, and part and parcel, animal in some ways also.
your going to reinvent sexuality?
why not try something easier than that? Like trying to get water to flow upstream?
face it, modern youth has been led into the mess of removing gender roles, by post wreckage of so called feminism. from what i can hear, now its even worse.
you cant tell who the fuck should make a move, no one has anything to fall back on and worse still, natural instinctual behaviors are now called 'sexist' or 'demeaning.'
its people like you that ruined the whole concept of a gentleman.
My ex with a ax to grind on the whole sex, angrily asked me why women expected men to open doors anyhow , it was nothing but a way to enslave men to their stupid domineering.
the answer of course, shut him the fuck up.
" Before the auto door opener came about, doors often were quite heavy due to security purposes. men have upper body strength women don't always posses. "
Its the same with allowing each sex to take a specific role, which allows for signals to be sent and understood.
Common sense, as well as nature.