Thursday, March 08, 2012


McMafia - Misha Glenny
Poker Protection - Steve Forte
La Barcelona De La Dinamita, El Plomo Y El Petróleo - Marc Viaplana + Raj Kuter
Divine Horsemen, The Living Gods Of Haiti - Maya Deren
Sex, Art, And American Culture - Camille Paglia

Violet Ray Gas And The Playback Singers - Violet (CD)
Imperia - Kirstein/Kirkegaard (CD)
Wormhole Shubz - EVOL (CD)
Songs For Teresa - The Fire Inside (2LP)
Savage Streets OST - Various (LP)

1,2,3, Whiteout - James June Schneider
City/Ruins - Aaron Vilk
GasLand - Josh Fox
Oslo, Burning The Bridge To Nowhere - Doug Stanhope



Brian Conniffe said...

"divine horsemen" is great, had the pleasure of studying it along with various other forms of ethnography - including jean rouch's films - in my anthropology degree. big fan of her films too.

saw stanhope's oslo show recently, my first time seeing a whole gig of his, was fairly underwhelmed by it. good moments but i found the relentless bleakness of it at all tiresome, imho louis ck does it better.

Shonx said...

You might prefer the earlier Stanhope dvd's Brian, Deadbeat Hero is pretty funny in a very twisted way (the conjoined twin skit is equal parts wrong and hilarious).

I always think that Stanhope, for all his nihilism, is quite a moral person and a lot of his humour seems to stem from disappointment in his own and others rather flawed humanity. There's at least some philosophy behind what he does rather than just being another gag merchant. Even when he's not being funny, he's at least intelligent, perceptive and engaging.

William Bennett said...

Shonx, Brian, many thanks for your comments

despite any apparent nihilism, in DS's uncompromising No Refunds (for example) the audience is visibly uplifted and moved by the end, it's pretty extraordinary

there'll be a special Maya Deren original print screening of DH in July with live CH soundtrack, should be amazing, info soon

Shonx said...

Did watch No Refunds again, truly a great show. I can't help thinking that he's generally correct in his analysis. Maybe not so much a nihilist but definitely unsparing of anyone's delusions.

Brian Conniffe said...

thanks for the recommendations, will check out "deadbeat hero" and "no refunds". i've heard a lot of good things about stanhope, loved his appearance in "louie", and i thought he was the only consistently decent thing about charlie brooker's show.

maya deren + cut hands sounds like a match made in heaven! very exciting...

Kate MacDonald said...

Wow, wish I could find a way to be around for the MD/ CH screening/ performance. What a wonderful combination.

I saw Stanhope live years ago in a show being filmed for British TV. Sadly, most of it is a blur because the TV lights were so intense that everyone in the venue was basically melting. Most of the acts (Stanhope included, I believe) ended up abandoning their material and just talking about the ungodly heat. Certainly everyone was laughing, but I think it was more from hysteria than anything else. I was surprised later on to find out how dark his material actually was.

William Bennett said...

Kate, the cameras in the Oslo DVD are also horribly invasive, he actually shows remarkable restraint at times; going to see him live tomorrow night, so looking forward to it

nick said...

Thanks for the watching tips William. Whiteout looks stunning, and well timed for me as i prepare to make a sci-fi essay film set around the reclaimed zone in Newhaven, Edinburgh.

PS my inner sleuth senses you may enjoy the delights of Karagarga...?

Anonymous said...

Sex, Art & US Culture is cool. Paglia dropped the ball early on in her career & it's downhill from here IMO.