Sunday, July 04, 2010


The Wire
god knows I have a love/hate relationship with that magazine: it's thanks to the free annual subscription I earned from having written the piece on Yoko Ono last year, I get to feel apoplectically irritated on a monthly basis over lunch at the nearby Himalaya Indian restaurant; and yet with that all said - and ignoring wankers like Edwin 'Pencil' Pouncey and Nick 'But' Cain - the editorship is genuninely respectful towards its contributors, I'd much rather it existed than it didn't, and they most pleasingly capitalise all words in song, book, and movie titles

Nurse With Wound
Andrew Liles kindly invited me along to Nurse With Wound's performance a couple of weeks ago at the Tramway in Glasgow; never having seen them play live, nor having heard recorded output since Soliloquy For Lilith, it seemed far removed from the carefully structured fondly anarchic surrealism of the 80s, more like loud droney lo-fi ambient; and yet that was neither here nor there because it was a real pleasure to see Steve, erstwhile loath to stages and audiences, revelling in the limelight

Wroclaw Industrial Festival
sad to report that there won't be a Whitehouse performance at this year's Industrial Festival in Wroclaw, Poland - there's more than enough else to enjoy at the packed four-day event for everyone who'll be there; I certainly would have loved the chance to catch up with Glenn (Michael Wallis) again

I've been acquiring new books at such a prodigious rate in the last few months that I've decided to sell some older ones to create some much-needed space - they're mostly on the usual filthy subjects that we all love, and many are pretty rare; I'll post a downloadable pdf list of what there is soon, or just drop us a message



LJP said...

Where do I send a message about the books you're selling?

William Bennett said...

LJP, the email at my profile here is good

RM said...

I remember the great review they did of Heckers's 'Tudor Acid' CD which started by slagging off my sleevenotes as 'unreadable'; then, after noting 'writing about this stuff is impossible' (a somewhat dismal admission for a music journalist, wouldn't you say?) made it evident that they -had- in fact read them, by re-using the metaphorical devices introduced therein to describe the CD.

And why is there always someone on the cover with a beard that makes you want to punch them?

William Bennett said...

great album, great notes

William Bennett said...

pdf preview of the book list has now been sent out

Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

@ Richard ^- As I think William and I can both attest, certain reviewers for Wire (named in the original post, I believe) do leave clues everywhere in their reviews that give away their not listening to, or reading, the work under examination. Of course, I'm trying to be more charitable to the magazine as a whole now that I realize 2-3 individuals are producing the lion's share of such criticism there.

Without even knowing which beards you're referring to, I think I can make an educated guess that they belong to artists less dignified than Steven Stapleton, who did indeed grace a Wire cover with beard and all. The new wave of "Etsy model" / "indie record store clerk" beards is clearly not in the same league.