Monday, March 15, 2010


Horror Celebrities Night
never having been to a meet 'n' greet Q&A evening of this type, it was fun to be at the Jeckyll And Hyde pub to see David Hess, Catriona MacColl, and Giovanni Lombardo Radice
- they were all most articulate and likeable, Hess being especially entertaining with his anecdotal swipes at Dennis Hopper; shame he was so short-changed by the thoughtless structuring of the event, which otherwise was so much fun

Let The Right One On
some call it pedantry, some call it rigour, but I feel compelled to draw attention to the unbelievably retarded set of rules for the application of capital letters in song, book, and movie titles; seriously, who came up with this utter fucking nonsense? it all depends on coordinating conjunctions, phrasal verbs, prepositions of three letters or 'less' (sic), position of word in title, special notes for this and that, added to what your starsign is and whether you were born in a leap year or the seventh offspring of a black cat: for god's sake, just capitalise every word and be done with it (anybody anywhere who already does receives the dubious privilege of my unconditional admiration and respect)

Cut Hands
there's a Cut Hands concert this Saturday (20th March) at Roxy Art House, Edinburgh with the great Zbigniew Karkowski plus support from Aliased Neuron, demand for tickets may be quite fierce as the venue is said to be pretty small - more information

Thermal compounds update
sad to report that the flatlined patient could not be reanimated; a replacement was immediately procured in the form of a shiny new Slim


Sypha said...

Yeah, there are so many rules about capitalization it's not even funny. But then again, I feel the same way about grammar I guess. It's funny, when I wrote as a kid I didn't care about all that and had a lot of fun just creating stuff, but as I got older and started to focus more on trying to write in a manner that was 100% grammatically correct the fun kind of got drained out. Which kind of reminds me now of that story you posted on here awhile ago about how (I think it was) your sister wrote a story about being chased by a giant bug or something, and how she tried to later on write in a more adult manner and didn't have as much fun doing it (or am I thinking of something else)?

Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

I've been upping the ante and just going 'all-caps' for the titles of book chapters and so on, a great way of circumventing the annoying revisions to these rules.

Also made an on-air announcement last week, via Resonance FM, about the upcoming concert w/ Aliased Neuron and Karkowski- hopefully that should direct a few more curious people to the concert venue.

Miss Kerry said...

I found ADHDs lingering response to my own sins of grammar, nonchalant to capitolization. WTF?who cares? Nivek Ogre has iT riGht, hE jusT does it At ranDom.
I tend to the archy mehibital way, none. Cockroaches all over agree, even on iphones its not possible to keep jumping on the cap key, without getting winded.