Sunday, November 23, 2008


While not exactly of the glamour of Pirates Of The Caribbean, there's still something rather old school romantic about those audacious rapscallions off the coast of Somalia who buzz around in their tiny speedboats tooled up with trusty rocket launchers on the look-out for bounty. That these guys could brazenly capture a giant oil tanker in this day and age is hard to believe. But there's something reassuring knowing it can be done. Have a look at the amazing gallery of photography by Veronique De Viguerie.

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sm88 said...

This story seems much more interesting and complex than the media has let on, probably because the news organizations don't have offices in Somalia and don't want to divert resources there when everyone wants to hear about the economy and the lead up to Obama's presidency. I've seen very few articles on the subject despite the fact that the U.S. Navy has been battling them since June. The Guardian photos you linked were great. Thanks.