Sunday, November 09, 2008


A good mango can never be too ripe. The one to be obscenely plundered last night was at its juicy best - I might even have left the little beauty yet another couple of days if it hadn't been a Saturday night. A deserving reward.


SenzuriChampion said...

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Simply adorable, Mr. Bennett.

I had some pretty great mangoes in the Dominican Republic once, I think.

Luke McElroy said...

a few years ago there were some bad bushfires around my suburb, and very late one night everyone got the call from the fire brigade to evacuate - once I got together my most valuable possessions and walked outside I saw my neighbour wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a large box full of mangoes to his car

William Bennett said...

that's a wonderful anecdote, Luke!

Miss Kerry said...

Oh thats rich!!

Come back to Oz.
You can have all the mangos you can eat.( I'll even cut them up for you.)

Miss Kerry said...

I feel that way about the exotic expensive and rare pomegranate.

At the moment you first see the ruby gleams of seeds in its leathery skin, it is not just the downfall of Persephone, but the reward.