Monday, November 10, 2008


As threatened, the documentaries special...

Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired (***)
this interesting documentary has lots of great archive footage and the machinations of the trial are well narrated, yet is disappointingly superficial with regards to Polanski the human being, and what actually happened with Samantha Gailey that day

Zeitgeist: Addendum (*****)
the sequel to the already excellent original Zeitgeist: The Movie is more focused, more polished, and this time reveals a clearer agenda - it'd be easy for people to pick holes in this and that stylistic detail, but for me it's an easy 5 stars for fearlessly delivering its rare commodity of thought-provoking iconoclastic rhetoric

Global Metal (*)
Scot McFadyen's follow-up to Metal: A Headbanger's Journey is a tour around the world and how heavy metal has evolved in countries such as Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, and the Midldle East: it's only marginally less depressing than would be a documentary about the fucking global spread of McDonald's hamburgers - the visited countries with their amazingly rich and diverse cultures all deserve a lot better

Heckler (****)
I really enjoyed this on a number of levels - has a great variety of talking points, along with personal insights from professional performers (even when they're bitching about getting bad reviews); also includes an extraordinary clip of an outburst from stand-up legend Bill Hicks

... oh, and...

Quantum Of Solace (*)
incoherent, boring, poorly acted, worse orchestrated, substandard generic action flick - easily the worst 007 of all time


charlie m. said...

"Global Metal" sounds pretty dire..I just watched the segment in his last one on Black Metal for amusement.

Grandpa Scorpion said...

I'm surprised the Jaime Kennedy movie (Heckler) has been so well-received. Perhaps he's been barking up the wrong tree(s) all this time. His other efforts (that I'm aware of) have ranged from mediocre to godawful.

Rob said...

Can i take it your not an extreme metal fan William? you might be inclined to know that a good number of metal fans,me included also have a deep passion for power electronics. In fact Whitehouse is the very reason i listen to P.E. at all.

SYpHA_69 said...

Too bad to hear that about "Quantum of Solace"... I did kind of like the last Bond film ("Casino Royale" was it)? Then again, the only other Bond films I've seen are "Goldeneye" and... the last one that Timothy Dalton did (the one that Wayne Newton appeared in... I kind of enjoyed that one, oddly enough).

I myself like some music that falls into the "metal" genre... mostly Slayer and, uh, Ministry (the latter also falling into the industrial genre).

Ea-M. said...

You're way too easy on Quantum of Solace.
What the fuck was the scriptwriter thinking about?!? Stripping the without doubt sexiest and most dangerous Bond ever of his Martini, introduction and stylish charme and instead trying to fashion some sort of vengeful tragic hero of him (and that even for witout comparison most boring and unattractive bond-girl ever)
It's like trying to make Rhett Butler give a damn or Father Ralp De Bricassart give up the robe and rosary at the first sight of Meg's red locks... It just don't work!!!
It's not only a waste of time it's also a waste of Daniel Craig and above all an insult to the audience and 007.
Yes, i'm pissed.

William Bennett said...

like you, I thought the Wayne Newton OO7 film was great, sypha_69 - and I couldn't agree with you more regarding QoS, ea-m!

stephen.mayer said...

I'd say that the final two Pierce Brosnan flicks were the worst Bond films. The girls in those two (Halle Berry and Denise Richards) served to set an overall tone of classlessness and pandering to audiences looking for as many explosions and gadgets as possible. I haven't seen Quantum of Solace yet but after your dismal review and other, not quite as harsh reviews, I can't see paying 10 dollars to see it.

Luke McElroy said...

I haven't seen Heckler but I think I know what Bill Hicks outburst it would be in the documentary - that entire Bill Hicks show (available on YouTube as the show "I'm Sorry Folks!") is amazing to see.

William Bennett said...

yes, that's the one it's taken from, luke