Thursday, September 28, 2006


It wasn't always immediately apparent but one of the things I've learnt about being a performer, whether on stage, in the studio or in rehearsal, is to reach with both hands a place where you’re no longer giving a performance, to reach that place where you consciously step aside. And then you can let that performance just flow through you; it’s really about a moment of surrender to something greater, to something it's pointless resisting, to something that can really positively fulfil.


David Waterston said...

Interesting post. Having seen Whitehouse play live many times over the last 20+ plus years I think that the last 3 years or so has seen you begin to exude an aura of "effortless intensity" in your live performances. What NLPers clumsily call "conscious unconscious competence". None of the power of a live Whitehouse performance has been lost (rather, I would argue it has increased) but, you seem to be more relaxed about it and noticeably enjoying it more.

You mention "it wasn't always immediately apparent" - how did it happen and when? From the outside it seems like there was an overnight change. Do you think it came slowly from experience / practice / knowledge / self-awareness or was there a moment (or moments) of "revelation"? More importantly, how does it feel?

William Bennett said...

To answer this further, David, I will be coming back to this theme; what I mean by 'not immediately apparent' is that this isn't a moment of sudden revelation. In fact, like much in life, can only be articulated fully with the benefit of hindsight, and the time for reflection.

Odile Lee said...


Becoming a conduit, is of course Process.