Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AGE OF AQUARIUS 3 - someone posted this nice link at the Susan Lawly forum. Jesus = Mithras = Osiris = Krishna = Buddha = Dionysus = Horus (so yet another cute example of the many mystery religion rising/dying sun gods myths/allegories) etc. etc. etc. Oh, but I forgot, the ones that predated Jesus (with almost identical biographical detail) were created by that scoundrel Satan (or should that be Baal or Beelzebub? I'm losing mythological track here) to test our faith in the 'real' anointed one. And the rest.

Like to read more? Here's an overview, with a comprehensive and fascinating list of comparisons


SYpHA_69 said...

That's fascinating stuff... It never fails to astound me how much of Christianity is just ripped off from the old pagan belief systems. You would think this would make Christians question their faith... I love how some of them say that those old religions are just a way that "God" questions our faith... Why would he, being a "loving" god, even want to do that in the first place, unless he was some sort of bizarre trickster? It would be like leaving drugs lying around for one's younger brother, or taking a sober friend out drinking... cruel and pointless.

Where'd they nick the concept of Hell from anyway? I know most of the old systems had their various "undergrounds" (the Hades of the Greeks, the Egyptian Amenta). The Christian concept of Hell always struck me as a cheap way of getting people into their fold: "Believe this, or you'll burn in HELL forever!" I don't know, it all seems bizarre and illogical to me.

Odile Lee said...

I spent 27 years pondering all that.
Then found out, thru a system- how these things were come about, and how to do it yourself.

And then, how to do something that gets you beyond that.

Lots of work. Still working on it ;)