Monday, September 04, 2006


There's a brief, but nevertheless amusing, list of band name origins.

Only the very naive will believe the explanations given for Whitesnake and Pearl Jam... and the hilarious story I heard Lemmy tell about Hawkwind's is a notable exclusion.

It all reminds me of when I'd have read Burroughs, Camus, or maybe Anthony Burgess novels, or even Dickens, and it seemed like every other page you'd stumble upon some band name or another (of these there a couple of examples in the list), and you'd enjoy a quiet moment of wry self-satisfaction at your discovery.


seesselberg said...

My favourite band-name story is 10cc !!

spartacus mills said...

Let's try and come up with a ridiculous origin for the name 'Whitehouse'.

Anarkali said...

Hi, I have taken the liberty of synchronising your blog to Livejournal. Anyone on there can now view your posts from their 'friends' page. The rss name is: susanlawly

I hope this is ok with you- happily undo it otherwise.

Odile Lee said...

Steely Dan! Oh, Burroughs. You incomparable old coot.

Father had Steely Dan records.

I had a quiet chuckle to myself, given that Daddy thought I was a idiot, first class.