Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Some more, perhaps less topical, movie mini-reviews from Facebook, again mostly recent but a few slightly older ones too.

Starting Out In The Evening (***)
a quiet thoughtful drama; it's more than competently acted and directed yet you can't help wondering how much better it'd be in the hands of Eric Rohmer

Cassandra's Dream (*)
dear oh dear, it's depressing to think the great Woody Allen was responsible for this wretched movie; excruciating acting (Farrell and McGregor are both laughable) matched with a creaking wooden script and totally absurd storyline

The Departed (**)
inferior remake to Infernal Affairs, one of the Hong Kong classics of recent years - I've never rated Scorsese (the contemptible Goodfellas included)

Infernal Affairs (*****)
better than The Departed in every single department

Infernal Affairs II (*****)
the plot's complexity is extremely demanding yet the movie, every bit as expertly crafted as the first, generously rewards your patience

Noise (****)
Tim Robbins, as a personal crusader against the noise levels in Manhattan, and cast are excellent in this stimulating and enjoyable black comedy, full of deft light touches

Vengeance Is Mine (*****)
timeless masterpiece of Japanese cinema

My Blueberry Nights (*)
dreary, languid, and not very clever; Portman is a minor saving grace

Bang Bang Orangutang (**)
begins very promisingly as a pitch black comedy then disappointingly turns into a dreary procession of implausible relationships, forced conversation, and soppy philosophising; I look forward to seeing Staho's most recent work, Daisy Diamond

Ne Le Dis À Personne (***)
overall an enjoyable suspense thriller which is spoilt by all the stupid and unnecessary gangsta shit in the middle

Boarding Gate (**)
the tasty extended man-woman dialogues between Argento and Madsen (reminiscent of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?) are worth checking in for but precious little else

Run, Fat Boy, Run (*)
Hot Fuzz was moderately funny but run, run away quickly from this utterly chuckle-free excuse of a British comedy

Dan In Real Life (*)
more utter rubbish from Carell, unbelievable chump-gets-lucky nonsense; opening credits last over 10 minutes

Delirious (*)
a decent cast doesn't save this dull uninspired New York comedy

Enchanted (***)
well-made and fun throughout, and Amy Adams is a true delight - direction is ultimately too timid though

There Will Be Blood (*****)
emotionally dark and captivating, Day-Lewis excels once again in this complex character study aided by a superb supporting cast - I also loved the soundtrack


SYpHA_69 said...

I hope you didn't actually spend money to see "Dan in Real Life." I don't watch all that many movies (in the theaters at least). My gut is usually pretty good at telling me what films to see and which films to avoid like the plague.

mcarpio said...

william, i just went to facebook to become a member, just to be able to read these full reviews of yrs, signed up but then couldn't figure out how to find yr page...what's w/all this "networks" bullshit w/them?...could you send/post a link to yr page therein, or invite me into yr sanctum, however the heck it's done w/them?
glad you enjoyed "vengeance..." so much, the program notes i got when they had a retro. for him here at BAM(brooklyn)last year claim that that isn't even one of his masterpieces(!), the critic says they're his three films from the mid-60's starting w/"insect woman"(if memory serves correct on that title), and "the pornographers" sounds very fun...but stay away from "pigs and battleships".
best, michael