Thursday, March 06, 2008


A list of favourite directors and a pick from their work.
  1. Lars Von Trier. The Five Obstructions.
  2. Ingmar Bergman. Scenes From A Marriage.
  3. Eric Rohmer. Chloe In The Afternoon.
  4. Frederick Wiseman. Titicut Follies.
  5. Alfred Hitchcock. The Birds.
  6. John Cassavetes. A Woman Under The Influence.
  7. Andrei Tarkovski. Zerkalo.
  8. Peter Greenaway. Drowning By Numbers.
  9. Luis Buñuel. Los Olvidados.
  10. Francois Truffaut. La Peau Douce.


SYpHA_69 said...

Only one of those I've seen is "The Birds." Hitchcock was a fascinating individual. One book I used to browse all the time at the college library was "The Dark Side of Genius." A shame the studios limited him to what he could or couldn't do in the later years of his life (his original conception for "Frenzy" being much different than the one he eventually ended up filming). I liked how Hitchcock so obviously identified with the "bad guys" of his films, and how more often than not said bad guys were much more interesting than the heroes.

mcarpio said...

hey william,
i'm in the process of watching "vengeance is mine" by legendary jap. director shohei imamura...have you ever watched anything of his? such an overlooked director...the above is a masterpiece, true-crime epic based on real events. highly recommended.
he's regarded as second only to kurosawa in that country.

William Bennett said...

many thanks for that recommendation, mcarpio, will look out for it, W.

William Bennett said...

just finished watching 'Vengeance Is Mine' this evening and it's an undoubted masterpiece of Japanese cinema, thanks again for the recommendation

n-rich said...

Hi William

I saw "Innocence" by Lucile Hadzihalilovic yesterday and found it absolutely stunning.

I usually never bother with 'extras' on DVDs, but I highly recommend watching the interview with Hadzihalilovic.

C. Randolph C. said...

Five Obstructions is excellent!
It cured me of cured me of a spell of food poisoning.

auto_disappointer said...

Great list there William. It mirrors my own faves quite a bit. Certainly the directors anyway.. Cassavetes, Greenaway, Wiseman, Bergman, Tarkovsky etc.

Speaking of Wiseman: I have 20+ of his films on dvd if you would like to see more? The picture/sound quality varies but I've only found one unwatchable.
Most of them are from french tv so they have subs across the bottom.
I believe Wiseman has started issuing dvds for the home market from his own website now but they are overpriced, and all you get is a dvd-r anyway.
Let me know if you would like me to send you some.

William Bennett said...

I do already have many of them, a_d, which are your favourite ones of those you have?

auto_disappointer said...

Too many favourites! The ones that captivated me the most though, from memory, were: Hospital, Primate, Blind, Juvenile Court, Deaf and Titicut Follies of course.
Others I enjoyed greatly but didn't reach the levels of intensity (for me atleast) of the above were:
High School 1 & 2, Domestic Violence, Missile.
I found Racetrack a bore and one I doubt I'll return to.
I've yet to see Near Death, though I own it. I'd like to know your opinions on it, if you have seen it.
The scene of the boy vomiting in Hospital is one of the most memorable images I've ever seen in film. A truly frightening amount of vomit.
The range of emotions experienced when watching most of his films is staggering and leaves me an exhausted mess for a few hours after watching.

Why they don't have a wider distribution at a reasonable price I don't know.
If I knew I was getting a professional dvd and not a dvd-r I would take the plunge and buy them officially. As it stands, they are just too damn expensive and I'll have to stick to these inferior quality versions.
Tell me, out of interest, do you have some of the new, official versions or the taped of tv versions?
At the moment I'm trying to fill in all the gaps in my collection and replace old vhs films. Namely my Chabrol, Tarkovsky, Resnais etc..
So many films, so little money.

Imagine a Wiseman of the UK, making films in institutions here. That I would like to see....