Saturday, March 15, 2008


An excellent article in today's Guardian by the philosopher John Gray addressing some of these themes of atheism and belief.


Thomas Transparent said...

I can't get enough of J.G.'s lonely struggle against the teleological and utopian strains of 'modern' thinking.

If you haven't read 'Black Mass' yet, it is quite good, although it essentially comes to the same conclusions as Straw Dogs with the 'meat' of the book focusing on a more specific target. The final 10 pages or so are a perfect crystallization of everything he's written over the last 5 years or so, though, even if the ones I read were inexplicably stained with chocolate from some previous public library borrower.....klasse.

Richo said...

Thanks for the link, William. Having recently read 'Straw Dogs', this is most welcome.

Completely understand John Gray's angle, too, but would like to know where people such as myself fit into his picture. I define myself an 'athiest' as I simply believe there's nada beyond death and, as such, reject all notions that suggest otherwise. Having said this, I accept everybody's right to believe whatever they want and, furthermore, don't clamber onto a slippery soapbox to either berate or stupidly attempt to 'convert' them to 'my' way of thinking.

I simply don't accept the idea of there being a 'god' of any kind or, indeed, an 'afterlife'. Beyond this, religion simply doesn't work for me, but I fully accept that it does for others.

'Athiesm' is as near as I can get to describing my own outlook on the matter although, really, I'm more inclined to agree with your older post regarding how it may be somewhat wiser to simply adopt a monkey's approach and rise above all such arguments by not caring much about them in the first instance.