Saturday, March 08, 2008


A list of favourite thinkers and a pick from their work.
  1. Constantin Stanislavski. Building A Character.
  2. Desmond Morris. Intimate Behaviour.
  3. Jacques Derrida. Speech And Phenomena.
  4. Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs. Women Who Run With The Wolves.
  5. Keith Johnstone. Impro.
  6. Richard Bandler. The Structure Of Magic.
  7. Werner Erhard. The Heart Of The Matter.
  8. DAF de Sade. Juliette.
  9. Camille Paglia. The Birds.
  10. John Gray. Straw Dogs.


Sheikh said...

Hello William, Ive been signed up to DJ at the London Electrowerkz show. Look forward to see you guys there! Check for more info....

Richo said...

As you know, I'm (shamefully) slowly devouring John Gray's 'Straw Dogs' at the moment and possibly haven't felt more in agreement with almost every point or argument raised in a single book. The Morris title's a good one as well. As ever, I just wish there were more hours in the day. Too much stuff 'out there' for the one lifetime we get and, of course, its being forever compromised by those things we 'must' do...

SYpHA_69 said...

I hear you, richo. Recently I've been getting into 19th century French Decadence writers and there's so much new books I have to explore now... which is why I made it my goal this year to crack down and read at least 50 books. I'm almost at the 20 mark already.