Saturday, October 06, 2007


Who doesn't like a good zombie movie? Trouble is there are precious few that can compare to the early Romero works, in particular the original classic Night Of The Living Dead.

Quickly forgetting the atrocious Dawn Of The Dead remake (one fears the worst for the upcoming Day Of The Dead remake) and the dreary 28 Days Later franchise, and with all this extra time on my hands, I thus gave Resident Evil: Extinction a chance - and enjoyed this third and best effort in the series quite a bit even though it breaks that most sacred zombie covenant: that it has been scientifically proven that zombies can't run. When will they learn that the true aficionado's willing suspension of disbelief will not pass that threshold?

Anyway, ignoring that glaring oversight, Milla Jovovich is most appealingly attired throughout and has the prettiest eyes, and then you go and see a ghastly frumpy picture like this and you're sharply reminded about the magical transformative ability that clothes and make-up have. For much better or for much much worse.

For the clothes fetishist however, I discovered a curious spin-off to all this where you can buy the gear from a range of recent movies (including RE: Extinction) at what seem to me pretty reasonable prices. I mean, fuck, eat your heart out, sapeurs! I'd much rather get draped out there than in Bloomingdales or Harvey Nicks. Now I just need to find someone who will fit snugly into this sexy little number.


Jack Sargeant said...

Of course while I agree with the general zombies don't run premise I have to say there were some good moments in the re-make of Dawn of the Dead, a film that I think has been undervalued in the 'zombie' fan world. The scene where they are sitting in the mall coffee bar chatting while the world goes to hell was most entertaining and retained some of the socio-political velocity of the original, and the opening pre-credits were also pretty good.

While 28 Days Later was dull the sound design was interesting when the infected first appeared - mostly because the sound 'climaxed' momentarily before the image (if memory serves) which serves to create a disjointed effect and further unnerve the viewer.

I thought Resident Evil was too video-game styled, and lost something for that.

At this moment I feel compelled to suggest that you check out the book World War Z which - in terms of zombie horror - is actually fairly entertaining and even has some suitably dry comments vis contemporary politics.

I was a judge at the Night of Horror Film Festival in Sydney earlier this year and have to say there's a thriving post-Romero zombie film scene happening out there in the world of horror fans, some of which were very entertaining.

Of course in terms of actresses outfits, cinema and the fetishism of pop culture I always liked the latent fetishism of the Japanese poster for the film Secretary.

_Black_Acrylic said...

My own personal favourite in that genre has to be Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters aka Zombi 2.

Best scene: the zombie attacks a shark underwater. Balletic....

John McAndrew said...

I didn't like the first 28 Weeks film but the sequel was better. I don't see what the deal is with zombie films sometimes though - maybe it's strikingly obvious but aren't they the dullest horror creature you could ever think of? That being said, I'm quite looking forward to Black Sheep purely because it's a slight change from the norm...

Jim Flannery said...

the magical transformative ability that clothes and make-up have

Or at least, the magical transformative ability that seven months' worth of pregnancy have.

William Bennett said...

maybe, I'm not sure the state of pregnancy necessarily makes any difference one way or another

Anonymous said...

Zombies eh? Have none of you ever seen an episode of Hollyoaks?

Sarah Trotsky said...

hey, that thing about Zombi 2?
Zombi fights a shark?
that's my line!

I've been entertaining women at parties with that one for years.

well, at least you forgot to mention the topless scuba diving...

You see, that's what lured the shark and the Zombi.

No one can resist topless scuba diving.

Nick said...

That shark scene in Zombie Flesh Eaters is incredible. Fulci's The Beyond is also a must see, one of my favs. Getting to meet and chat to George Romero at the Edinburgh Film Festival about 2 years ago was a highlight for me, very nice guy (and very tall!)

charlie m. said...

I need to watch the original Romero's because the remake I've seen was pretty horrid.

The new resident evil wasn't bad, but when I was a small child I played through the first 3 or 4 games and the moves do a lot to completely fuck up any and all storyline.

Gary said...

William, I'm wondering if you've read anything by Max Brooks? Although I'm not a zombie aficionado, I enjoyed both 'World War Z' and 'The Zombie Survival Guide' and would recommend them to you as ways to pass the time as you recuperate!

Miss Kerry said...

I recall seeing that zombie shark scene and also the one where the guy gets the stake in eye.
It was about age 11, at a slumber party for the first time ( ive no idea why they let us watch such, unless we snuck the tv on.)
As I was wondering at the wierdness of the whole thing, my hand slid under the couch and found several snapshots. Of little girls, naked.
At that moment, cinema ceased to be something that contained horror, and to be censored.
The real horror, was reality.
Being clever, I realized that someone in the house had planted those pictures for one of us to find. And maybe was watching, right there and then.
Needless to say, I called my father and pleaded illness needing a swift and speedy trip back home.
So that scene never left my consciousness, without its taint of real obscenity. ( and I cant say any movie scared me after that.)