Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Bridge (Eric Steel, 2005)
Hypnotic feature about the awe-inspiring Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and its romantic allure to the suicidal. Based on the essay Jumpers that originally appeared in The New Yorker magazine, I guarantee this is unlike anything else you've ever seen and may well leave you, like me, deeply affected afterwards. Thanks to the poster of this recommendation at the forum.

Crazy Love (Dan Klores, 2007)
Documentary of a breathtakingly perverse and violent love story; one that begins weirdly enough and then through the various twists and turns gets increasingly more bizarre as the story, as told by the protagonists, unfolds. Relationships surely don't get madder than this.

Zeitgeist (unknown, 2007)
A couple of tedious minutes in and ready to eject, you suddenly find yourself sucked into this two hour conflation of three fascinating topics (non-historicity of Jesus, 9/11 inside job, international banking conspiracies) all of which are, despite the low production values, pretty well presented. An explicit connection isn't really made, and I've already studied these themes a great deal, yet it's forgivable as it's refreshing, after our constant diet of information to the contrary, to see it all expressed in the public domain.


joseph said...

'the bridge' was quite an extraordinary film, very moving. 'crazy love' was supposed to play at a nearby theater but never appeared; i'm happy to see it is now available on disc. i wonder if you can provide any more information on 'zeitgeist'; is there any chance it is aka 'american zeitgeist'?

William Bennett said...

Joseph, here's a direct link to the movie's website: - there is also a page at the site with a great list of source material