Friday, October 19, 2007


I don't know if you remember the 'downward spiral' drugs campaign where, through police mugshots, you could see a person's shockingly premature degeneration. Well, bearing that in mind, have a look at this startling (though inverted) emphasis of my observation on the magical transformative qualities of a woman's looks through clothes and make-up. With the aid of expert million dollar cosmetic retouchers and unbridled hardcore overindulgence, it seems you can effortlessly, in the space of 48 hours, oscillate from looking like a cute fresh sexy young pussycat to wizened old addled crack whore - and no doubt back to sexy again by this Friday night.

For the philosophers amongst us, it would serve as a worthy starting point for our continuing debate on perception of reality.


flora_mundi said...

i think that "reality" as far as people's appearance has become a sort of quaint notion.

you could point out, for instance that in the "good" pictures in the kate moss article, it is not only the hair and make-up, but the fact that she is standing on a carpet that is lit to provide for good photos and that she is posed, because she is aware of the cameras.

on the other hand, even the "bad" shots are somewhat suspect. the side-by-side shots of her in the car look to have been treated, since the colour is completely off between the two.

in the first instance, kate is controlling the image of herself that is presented. in the second, the photographer is. neither necessarily bears any relation to what she would look like if you ran into her on the street.

Sarah Trotsky said...


Thank you Miss Kate.

I feel the exact same way, but these things can be so hard for me to explain.

Anyone who's ever gotten the finished draft of a "Photograph" back and not recognized at all the foreign entity staring back at them knows exactly what you're talking about.

Photographs Lie.
Very Well, in fact.

Then again, eyes lie to.

Who's to say what's really REAL?

neither you nor I were there to see how she really looked. Therefor in this instance, the lie becomes the truth, and we just have to accept it.

or not.

smibbo conspiracy said...

being personally familiar with the ravages of anorexia and other ways to damage the body, I'd have to say that Moss' "looks" are not healthy whatsoever and thus, for my tastes, not attractive in the slightest.

smibbo conspiracy said...

there's good reason why we find a crack-whore to be unattractive and Kate Moss to be attractive: because the crack-whore is obviously damaging herself an her body cannot take it. Moss abuses herself and then makes sure to cover up the effects. Our brains and our eyes are fooled and we find her attractive: Moss appears to be someone whose body can stand the abuse and thus she seems healthier. You have to retrain your brain to see past the chicanery.

Miss Kerry said...


Is it come to this?
That fatness has become so increasingly pervasive, that it is accepted to the point that thin people are the targets of increasingly desperate attempts at make fat sexy?
I'm not one for Kate Moss ( who gives a shit, I don't know her ), but in my brief foray into pop media culture, Ive noticed the trend to celebrate what is but obvious obesity, as 'curves' and thiness ( where you actually LIVE LONGER ) as any excuse to label 'anorexic.'
I dont tout anoroexia either, its a sad and horrfic disease. But your just 'mixing the planes' here and confusing it, thusly making the real suffers of anorexia fade into the background, and merely thin people targets.
Being thin myself, Im sickened of being asked by total strangers if i eat. And telling me I should eat more.WTF?
Its invasive and disgusting, that its anyone's business but my own ( and the people who like to see me naked ) how thin I am.
Ive had the ausise version of chavs, yelling 'JUNKY!' at me from cars for years, merely because Im small and dress in black. ( The good skin, expensive clothes and utter radiant healthy tone of a ballet student discourages them closenup.)
The amorexia tag is just another way to demean anyone who hasn't sunk so far into tv celebrity sloth as to become a huge unfit blob of protoplasm.
And Im not knocking chubbys either. My current lover is somewhat possessing middle aged spread, and I mind not in the slightest as he's so sexy in other ways I just look at it as something rather comfy to lean on ( unlike myself, but one supposes you could do your laundry, if camping out, on my ribs.)

Miss Kerry said...

The real reason why she looks so shite, is she smokes. And like every other young person, takes eternal life for granted. Drinks too much, smokes too much, does drugs.
Now that, is something to take note of.