Thursday, May 24, 2007


#8: intent
I am always curious about your intent, or even my own. It's the intent of a work of art or an actor's performance I see as the underlying motive, the belief about what one's fundamental purpose is at that time, whether implicit or explicitly stated - all invested and filtered through the energy afforded. It can reveal whether the artist has anything at all to say, other than exercising the pursuit of attention or emulation. In fact, as a measure of worth, I find myself much more attracted to, and interested in, an artist's intent than in their technical abilities, even though it's the combination of these two working together well that is as rare and as beautiful as the most obscure orchid in the rainforest.


bobdylansthumbnail said...

did you intend to leave a definition of intent?

Luke McElroy said...

William, while reading this post I realised I don't question my own intent often enough - so thanks for sharing your (very helpful) definition.