Friday, May 25, 2007


Over the last couple of days I have finally managed to enjoy getting round to seeing a few of the documentary films that Philip has recently recommended to me:

- When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts
- Black Tar Heroin
- Gladiator Days: Anatomy Of A Prison Murder
- Cocaine Cowboys

Spike Lee's devastating 4+ hours portrayal of the flooding of New Orleans at the time of hurricane Katrina is not only the pick of this worthy yet harrowing collection, but is undoubtedly, in my mind, one of the most brilliant documentary films of all time. It doesn't try to simplify, preach, or evade complexities, or be used as an exercise in egotism (think Michael Moore) - and by so doing packs an infinitely more powerful heavyweight punch; moreover, it even allows for inspired moments of gallows humour: this alone is testament to its greater poignancy.


Jack Sargeant said...

Although not the best made documentary style wise, in terms of raw information I recommend Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers by Robert Greenwald (he also did Outfoxed). It's quite astounding quite what is happening re the privatisation of warfare and 'reconstruction' in Iraq.

William Bennett said...

thanks for that tip, Jack

Anonymous said...

hi william

im new here

i just saw the artwork by stefan danielson, incredible stuff, thanks,

i dream of the day that nick broomfield is blinded and shackeled to michael 'tinycock' moore and taken to the city gates then stripped/cropped/whipped and spat out into the countryside


Mark said...

Black Tar Heroin is great. I loved that cute girl with the pancake-mouse. Would love to have an update to see who out of that bunch is still alive.

Christian said...

Black Tar Heroin was very good.
I believe there is a second part for Cocaine Cowboys also..

Christian said...

this one i thought was god also.