Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tracklisting and times for Racket:
  1. Fairground Muscle Twitcher 2:29
  2. Mouthy Battery Beast 5:57
  3. Dumping More Fucking Rubbish 3:23
  4. The Avalanche 4:16
  5. Bahnhof 1:53
  6. Dyad 4:51
  7. Bia Mintatu 6:48


John said...

Thanks for the update regarding Racket. I'm eagerly awaiting this! You must be surprised by how quickly this record has been produced - do you believe the blogs and forums you maintain have acted as a catalyst in some way to the group's developments? A greater sharing of information? Or perhaps that the use of more acoustic sounds which produce immediate sounds (as opposed to electronic sounds which must take an incredible amount of time to manipulate etc) are a factor in your speediness?

Or am I just completely wrong William?

Either way, congratulations on the final mixing of Racket. I'm looking forward to hearing it very soon all being well!


William Bennett said...

Thanks, John. I think it's simply a case of being in the fortunate position of having a surfeit of new ideas at our disposal, and new avenues to explore, after recent works.

KAI STAVRE said...

"Mouthy Battery Beast" is a rather challenging title i would say.

They all are.