Sunday, May 13, 2007


Further personal definitions. Tell me when you're getting bored.

#6: the you
This is an expression that I started using in lyrics around 2001 that I've been asked about a number of times.

Through compounding 2nd and 3rd persons, it's my way of referring to what an individual represents rather than who they are, that is, in terms of personal identity - a representation that offers a much wider sense of a human's characteristics, one that transcends his or her own belief systems and worldview.

And furthermore, it exposes our frailties and vulnerabilities, in my opinion, under a much more sensitive focus; and at the same time, by employing 3rd person verb forms, it becomes somewhat less direct and more universal in scope.

#7: dare
I love the word dare. Such a deliciously small word that encapsulates so much potential for excitement, for promise, for fulfilment. It's the immediate allure of the challenge, of the unknown: for pleasures not yet experienced, maybe not yet even imagined, let alone yearned for - all laced of course with a sharp element of risk, or even wrongness.

I dare you to do it.


circuitossimultaneos said...

"It's the immediate allure of the challenge, of the unknown"

...I love the word "allure".

Max said...

Thank you for the insight.

Jack said...

It's the use of the second person pronoun which helps me place myself in the center of the music of Whitehouse; I feel connected to it, and a part of it. It's a directly accusatory and somewhat chilling way of demanding listener attention and cutting off the external world. I might just be talking rubbish...but that's what I think when I listen to it.

I like your point about "dare" too. As you say, it really carries a sense of excitement and potential, and allows the imagination to be put into action to a boundary-less extent.

Really looking forward to this new one. Thanks for the great music.