Saturday, January 27, 2007


Test this one out on your local evangelists: 'I'm curious, what sins did Jesus commit?' 'None, of course!' 'So why, according to the Bible, did he feel the need to ask John to baptise him?!' Like a fly in a spider's web, here is one theologian's tortuously vain attempt to explain the unexplainable (notice how the simplest answer is studiously omitted: that it never happened).


David said...

If you stake your life on the reality of a lie, then you're going to go well into the realm of lies to defend it. It's so much easier to only defend the truth. Unfortunately, these people think that the fact they have an impossible job gives their mission some sort of heroic stature, rather than just absurdity.

Borges has a lovely story about the divinity of Judas which I bring up to any religious minded folk, just to force them to realise the smallness of their god's sacrifice. It's never going to convert anyone, but then, that's hardly the point.

Luke McElroy said...

I found the theologian's speculations quite painful to read. The whole thing reminds me of the enthusiasts of the Sherlock Holmes character who pursue research to 'discover' (invent) new details about Holmes and his world by poring over the stories and the historical facts of the time.

William Bennett said...

Some more neat 'questions' here: