Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This afternoon the Blair Broadcasting Corporation quietly sneaked out this bit of news - WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE! Look at that idiot in the photograph, what the hell does he think he's going to with his big stupid toy?? Strafe the check-in queues? Remind yourself of all this every time you have to take your shoes off at UK airport 'security', every time they pat you down for illegal toothpaste, every time they triumphantly take a can of Fanta and a chocolate bar from a small child, every time they open their fucking mouths and use the word 'terrorism'. My theory is that with each day that passes Britain is one step closer to being North Korea - except Kim's nowhere near as bellicose and the UK female soldiers' uniforms aren't as sexy. To put it mildly.


Anonymous said...

I agree mate, its terrible, in the 90es worldwide we were so past the cold war and the sad old men that have financial interests from armaments. The debate was if it was ok for Clinton to have blowjobs, and generally nice social fluffy stuff. Dot coms, whether employers should provide massages to programmers as a perk etc etc.

Now the the Rumsfelds are strutting around with their stupid guns, and the fucken 80es are fashionable again. Lets face it, the 80es were appaling, they were characterised by newly unemployed people and increasing inequality.

All this is by design by the American right and the right wing blair government. This country subscribes to a very aggressive view of the world sadly... What yous ee in the airports is simply a symptom

Kristian said...

Having been to North Korea about 4-5 times over the last 10 years I can wholly agree with your comments on the females of the Hermit nation.

However I tend to find the Traffic police lithe bodies clad in tight Blue & white uniforms with knee high white boots more appealing than the female soldiers.

In fact I almost married a North Korean woman...........but thats another story..........

William Bennett said...

Please indulge us, Kristian...

bobdylansthumbnail said...

does an execution enter into it?

martin said...

I found no evidence of the white boots , just white ankle socks....could we be digressing here ?

Kristian said...

Well I was involved in a Korea Friendship organisation for many years, this involved shuttling back and Forth to Pyongyang via Beijing.
I was intrigued and allured by the Hermit state.......its secrecy and its modus Operandi fascinated me.

Kristian said...

William I was involved in a Korean Friendship organisation for a number of years, this involved shuttling Backwards and forwards to Pyongyang via Beijing.
I was fascinated by NK's isolation and found the nation deeply alluring..........maybe I was misguided or naive?
However on my visits I met a woman Miss Ji Yon Ok..........simply the most exquiste female I have ever seen, she was the perfectly feminine woman I have ever met, a kind of Stalinist Asiatic version of the English 'Lady Of The manor'.
She worked in the Dept of Foreign Relations and acted as my translator.
She posessed an aura of vunerabilty and also pure ideological power a contradiction that I found so intoxicating.
Normally NK citizens are forbidden to marry western men but due to my contacts and her social position it could have been possible and yes I did consider it.
However during a visit 2 years ago I fell foul of the Authorities, was arrested and kept in the hotel under house arrest before being sent back to Beijing.
Sometimes I wonder what ever came of she is etc.
As for the Women........well tall, lithe, extremely well educated( in the Cities)..........they carry a sense of purity and earthiness that I have yet to rediscover in any woman.........the Traffic Police are chosen for their good looks.............and they are Patent knee high white boots............the women soldiers are well if your a uniformns man well...............I need not say any more.
As for North Korea itself.......well its an enigma..........some things we hear in the West are simply not true...........other things we hear nothing of.........well when you see them they crush your soul.

William Bennett said...

Fascinating stories, Kristian, thanks for sharing.

Kristian said...



If your interested further-

yes thats me in the white shirt etc.

Documentary for Dutch Tv