Monday, November 06, 2006


Just came across this excellent article published today that echoes my thoughts on the previous topic rather propitiously.


Davecat said...

'Britain's airports are, in other words, like North Korea, but with shops.'

It's like that here in the States as well. The shoe removal and strip-down queues are a little out of hand. On my most recent flight (Detroit to LA and back), I didn't spot any Homeland 'Security' people with automatic weapons, but there were a number of bomb-sniffing dogs. Frankly, seeing anyone with an MP5 or similar as you're about to board your plane isn't exactly the best way to embark on your journey.

I love planes and airports; I'm just not too keen on the people in them. Or dogs, for that matter.

Kristian said...

I write this from Glasgow.........yesterday I boarded a plane at Luton and was subjected to a farcical check in, scan etc.
I had 2 cans of unopened beer in my luggage...........I was not allowed to take these on the I decided to stand and drink them at the check point.
This was also disallowed as I was an obstruction, I was also not allowed to use my phone as It has a camera on it and I could be taking photos etc.
Then I had to remove my shoes etc.
Then they charge me 85p for a packet of crisps.........

"Britains Airports exist to show us how Capitalism would work in North Korea"