Sunday, November 26, 2006


I'd like to invite you to explore a connection with me for a small moment. How could I describe to you the sensation of attainment accomplished?

Let’s try something: when you take a second to stop and think of that really special moment, this time, as you recall the captivating pleasure of the instant just before, the tidal wave of feeling that washes over you, below you, through you, that makes you feel at one, do you know what wouldn't happen if you didn't? Or is it that you feel that you want that to continue forever?


Young and Stupid said...

The thrill of acquisition,and the satisfaction derived from the pursuit...I'm too inebriated by the endeavor to dare to consider any alternatives in that moment-but I'd never want it to last forever-part of the thrill is in the unfamiliarity.

Odile Lee said...

The Beauty of the moment sublime, but the Thrill of the Hunt-
" There is meat for strong men, and milk for the babes."

The Sport of the Strong, is to Lust after the Infinite. While finding the Joy spiced by knowledge of transience.