Sunday, October 01, 2006


"What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!" Pope Leo X

Sex Crimes And The Vatican edition of BBC Panorama

Not like any of us should be in the slightest bit surprised by any of this, there are only about 2,000 years of institutional precedence reminding us why Christianity (along with its apologist servants) is still the most worthy target of utter disrespect.


Kristian said...

Yes William this was one of the most horrific and revulsive things I have ever viewed.
I sat with a cold beer in my hand and my girl friend drew my attention to the fact my hand was going blue I was clenching the bottle so fiercely.
I felt utter disgust to the point that I was going to head to the Catholic church three doors from my house and trash the fucking place.
So not only was the pope a Hitler Youth member he also is the guardian of Institutionalised Child abuse.
Fucking Animals.

spartacus mills said...

Sadly I missed the programme, but you're aware of my opinion of the vatican crime syndicate...

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone expect anything else from the Catholic church? A closed society made up only of men (the women don't really count) who are obsessed with sex. Naturally, those who are obsessed with sex will feed their obsession. Even Peter Sotos isn't more obsessed with sex than the Pope. Moreover, Catholic priests engage in mind control using well-tested tools, such as the confessional, to dominate their flock. And the flock is taught that the Pope is infallible. As Sade demonstrated in his writings, this is the perfect situation for a deviant to indulge his lusts. It would be much more surprising if Catholic priests WEREN'T molesting children and the Vatican WASN'T shielding them. It is only appropriate that the Cardinal responsible for guarding child molestors should become Pope.