Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Is it really over 3 months now since I started this blog? Hard to believe that.

Anyway, just wanted to add a book recommendation to this topic: Spanish investigative journalist Pepe Rodriguez's 470pp classic La Vida Sexual Del Clero (The Sexual Life Of The Clergy). Amazingly thorough and detailed in its scope, it packs in everything from paedophilia, prostitution, sadomasochism, illicit affairs, homosexuality amongst monks, priests and their charges, cover-ups, you name it - all meticulously researched.

Also of interest is another of Rodriguez's works, this time a fascinating primer on the techniques and strategies of investigative journalism.


Lana Page said...

Oddly enough, I have a copy of "Mentiras fundamentales de la Iglesia Catolica" sitting on my shelf at home. It looks like a truly wonderful volume... all 570 pages of it!! S... but it was a lovley present from an old Mexican flame.
What a pleasant surprise to find such a dilligently pleasing blog from Whitehouse's front man... And FYI... Bergen is THE place for kitchenware!

KOSA_838 said...

I will definitely check out this book. I recommend the film "Deliver Us From Evil" about a child raping preist. Interesting film in that the priest actually comments on his own crimes; and the victims tell how it has ruined their lives.

Growing up in America, and seeing the constant barrage of child molestation cases brought against the church (thousands) over the years, the stupidity of the still faithful amazes me to no end. The tens of thousands of dollars in defense attorny fees paid by the faithful in their sunday contribution. Hypocitical filth.