Saturday, August 05, 2006


Cannot sleep at all well lately, I don't think there's anything on my conscience... ;-) I guess it must just be this summer's strange weather conditions.

By the way, thanks to all those who have added comments - really not sure what's motivating me to write this blog, but it's definitely nice to know some people are reading it.


charlie m. said...

well its cool that your doing one as you dont see much from you besides interviews here and there :P

spartacus mills said...

I second charlie m's comments. An interesting variety of subjects on this blog.

enso on said...

Great to see you doing a blog! I've always loved your words, in song or in the post, and being from Seattle, I am amused to find it as a heading on your blog, with no explanation. Yesterday I almost purchased a John Lydon's greatest hits to hear the PIL song, Seattle. What's up with Seattle? Just back from my tenth trip to Thailand . . . glorious. Stay strong!