Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Currently working on a follow-up to the two thematic songs Cut Hands Has The Solution and Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets.


John McAndrew said...

Excellent news. These two songs are among the most effective that you've recorded in recent years, due mainly to the clarity of the vocals and lyrics being the focus point, without them constantly having to fight against an avalanche of noise. Your new direction to incorporate percussive elements are a turn for the better I believe; you have shown that even with familiar sounds there is still no compromise in the intensity of the songs, perhaps there is even less than if you had just used the typical violent static of past releases. It really is musical asceticism - by 'dumping the fucking rubbish' you're able to communicate more clearly and express your thoughts better.

Sypha said...

I especially enjoyed the beat in "Killing Hurts", mainly once it starts back up again after a short pause early on in the song (right before Best's vocals), like a tribal heartbeat sound. Added to the intensity and all that.