Friday, August 04, 2006


Commendably, Miami Vice is rather difficult for a mainstream movie, and hard men with guns aren't my thing but I did enjoy the way the dialogue seems wilfully impenetrable at times, either through loud extraneous noises, Gong Li's dubious prosodic features (but great looks), the constant mumbling, or their talking over each other that reminded me of the amazing sequence in Fire Walk With Me that takes place in the disco.


h3o said...

that sequence in "fire, walk with me" was also a favorite of mine. alas, I later discovered that it was only in the UK that it appeared without subtitles, as they got there too late - everywhere else had them (and in three othere "difficult" scenes).

Don. said...

I think this scene actually works for me without the subtitles. We can guess form the mood of the piece, the general ambience of the setting and the body language of those involved what is taking place and how it is unfolding.
A sleazy scene, full of implication, and a stand out moment of the movie.

(I may be in the minority here, but I'm okay with that.)

cemenTIMental said...

Lynch has stated it was always intended to have subtitles.