Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HK47 7

Girls who love Hello Kitty probably have lots of disposable income for cute clothes and toys, and they may also love a drink after a hard day's work or studying. Let's celebrate and relax with some HK wine!

Despite the Italians' claims of firstness, I believe that Hello Kitty has graced bottles of rice wine in Japan before this. That said, it only remains for us to taste this Sweet Pink demi-sec. Or would you even have the heart to uncork it?

A light playful cherry nose with some chocolatey and strawberry aromas; fresh, feline, soft, ripe tannins giving a delicate effervescent structure to the innocent sweetness of its gorgeous fruit.

(my thanks to Lorin for the link!) 

HK47 6
HK47 5
HK47 4


fds said...

I saw this little HK-related article and I thought you'd appreciate it!


William Bennett said...

appreciate it? lol, I'm throwing up on the carpet right now... fuck, how ugly is that?! it really is worse than the scar-girl