Thursday, January 14, 2010


More arbitraries from the last week or so.

Surgery Tourism part two
just back from a lovely weekend enjoyed in London - Saturday was spent doing the Wellcome Institute's Euston Road HQ exhibition (Helvetica Design Squad Alert :-(); the highly recommended Hunterian Museum (featuring an unfeasible preponderance of strange things suspended in jars, a unique collection of forceps and scary extraction devices, the skeleton of the Irish Giant, in addition to lots of other seriously weird surgical ephemera); and finally, the Old Operating Theatre near London Bridge, an extraordinary no-concessions bastion to the depressing onslaught of modern day museum culture - fascinating talk and demostrations, freedom to walk around and peruse the quirky exhibits close up, and even a super-quaint bookshop

Amaral said 'fala com', you fucking idiots
tabloid newspaper The Sun is officially the most obnoxious and ugly rag, notwithstanding the UK already having serious competition to that accolade, and you may already know what I think about that most loathsome of institutions that is the BBC: this story is a neat encapsulation
update 16/1/10: add that asswipe Tony Parsons of the Daily Mirror to the above

Thermal compounds
the beloved first-gen Japanese PS3 of this Sony fanboy got the Yellow Light Of Death last night, and now I'm gently assembling the necessary tools to perform open-heart surgery on its sexy innards with the aid of some sticky thermal compounds and a phallic-looking heat gun

Cut Hands update
the film is being premiered on January 19th - canNOT wait to see it; another track added to those already listed:
Cut Hands - Welcome To The Feast Of Trumpets 6:45 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2010)



Creaig Dunton said...

While I have little to contribute regarding your more culturally significant comments (the Hunterian Museum exhibit sounds especially fascinating though), I do wish you the best of luck in your bit of technological surgery. I've never had the confidence in my soldering abilities to touch the innards of any game console!

Alan.. said...

Are you not tempted to use the yellow light failure as an excuse to splash out on the much smaller and neat looking slim PS3?

Although admittedly you would be sacrificing a few USB ports, PS2 backwards compatibility and SACD support.

William Bennett said...

cheers, Craig, your wishes of luck are definitely going to be appreciated! :-) + slim sounds delicious, Alan - if only the saved data could be resurrected...

Creaig Dunton said...

As per what Alan said, a transfer of save data should be entirely possible...PS3's use standard 2.5" drives, so if you wanted the sexier slim model, you could probably recover your data with a 2.5" HDD cable to USB adapter, then let the PS3 read it as any other external drive.

Of course, then you'd be sacrificing the PS2 compatibility, which is why I still treasure my older 60 gig model!

robert_malone1 said...

William, I've often wondered how you get the time to read all the books you read and watch all the films you watch, in addition to making music, travelling and, presumably, holding a day job.

And now we learn that you are also into gaming.

Seriously, where do you find the time?

William Bennett said...

music is what I do, Robert - and very grateful am I thus for having the time to pursue all those other things